April 5, 2016

Bridal Style | Why You Need A Bridal Stylist For Your Wedding

In working with brides selecting their bridal style can be daunting especially if their personal style has yet to be identified.  You want to look like yourself on your wedding day, just a more glamorous version.  If your daily style of going to school or work is not frilly and girly than by all means you don't have to select a princess style bridal gown (because of tradition)  unless you want to look like a princess on your wedding day.  Brides can sometimes become overwhelmed when looking for their wedding dress with friends and family because everyone has their opinion on how they want the bride to look on her wedding day. 

Its all in the details: 

Working with a bridal stylist and going through a thorough style questionnaire discussing your personal style can make shopping for a dress less stressful.  A bridal stylist will take the information from the questionnaire and schedule bridal appointments for you  as well as pull dresses for you to try on upon your arrival for your appointment.  This will set the tone for your day in a bridal salon and it will sometimes eliminate the opinion of "everyone" selecting the dress they want you to wear.  After all this is your wedding day & you and your groom have to happy but most importantly comfortable as well as confident.  
Your bridal style should complement your overall theme and aesthetic of your wedding from the tuxedos to the reception decor & the grande exit.

Tell a Story with your Bridal Style

There is more to bridal style than just getting a dress & selecting jewelry.  Your overall look should tell a story and it will be immediately received by all those in attendance when you work with the bridal stylist.  A bridal stylist will work cohesively with your wedding planner and event designer to ensure special details at your wedding or reception can be incorporated into your bridal stylist. 

Bridal Styling for your Bridal Party:

In hiring a bridal stylist for your wedding they can also style your bridal party as well as parents for the wedding day.  Again the styles should complement the overall wedding aesthetic and tell a story.  Bridal stylist can schedule tuxedo fittings, personal shop for flower girl dresses, Mother of the Bride & Groom dresses to recommending your wedding day hair & makeup artist (Glam Team). 
On the day of the wedding your Bridal Stylist will be onsite to assist you in getting dressed, bustling your gown before the wedding reception,  assisting in a 2nd dress change (if you have one) ensuring your glam team is on time & in place to start hair & makeup as well as working with the grooms.  Your bridal stylist should be in communication with your wedding planner and provide a bridal style timeline as well.  

Take the Stress off of your Wedding Planner:

This takes the stress of the wedding planner because that's honestly not their job, to style you for the wedding. when they can be focusing on other timeline & design opportunities prior to the wedding ceremony or reception.  Can it be done, Yes because I have worn both hats, however if you have the opportunity to retain a bridal stylist I would highly recommend incorporating it into your wedding budget. Give yourself the peace of mind in having a style professional take care of this aspect of your wedding style.  

A bridal stylist can style you for your engagement photos as well as shop for and with you for your bridal showers, bachelorette party & honeymoon style looks!  The possibilities are endless...

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