March 31, 2015

Bridal Style: Non Traditional - Yet Trendy Bridesmaid...

Lets face it, bridal style is everywhere, whether you are a bride, bridesmaid or Groom.  The pressure to look your best & stylish is present especially with the presence of social media.  Bridesmaids styles are pretty traditional unless you add a twist to it with variations of colors, lengths or even allowing the bridesmaids to pick their own dresses as long as its in the same color palette.

Well you know that bridal styling is my thing...right?  There is a resurgence of an old style trend that I think would be absolutely adorable for a afternoon Spring/Summer garden wedding.  Culottes!!  Now hear me out, Culottes were typically worn in the Victorian Era when women would go horseback riding because it very difficult to be lady-like and straddle a horse in a skirt.  Culottes is actually described as a "riding split skirt".   I rocked culottes probably 8-10 years ago when they made a come back into the fashion scene.  However if you have visited any major department store or specialty store in the last several weeks, culottes are definitely making a comeback for the Spring & Summer.

How to make them work for an afternoon wedding?  With today's style of culotte jumpers it would be easy to incorporate this style trend into your bridesmaid wedding attire.  I would suggest it for an afternoon or garden wedding.  This look could easily be accessorized with statement jewelry & also a pashmina to cover the arms for chilly evenings.   What's even better is the fact that your bridesmaids will be comfortable & confident because truthfully its appears like they are rocking a midi skirt until they walk and you can see the split. Win, Win!

Here is an example of a culottes jumper that I would recommend for a lower style budget wedding.  However if this is a style that you like, it would be simple to recreate this look with a more quality fabric + an amazing seamstreess for a luxury budget wedding as well!

Would you consider this as an option for your bridesmaids?  I personally love this look & would love to hear your thoughts!

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