April 26, 2014

Fun Bridal Style:: Recently Engaged? Beyonce Fangirl?

I have a confession that I never thought that I would make...I am a Beyonce fan.  I've always liked Beyonce but after seeing her show live in December I was truly inspired by her work ethic & style.  Not to mention the night of the show I attended was also the same night that she dropped her surprise album.  That to me put the icing on the cake for me becoming a Beyonce Fangirl!

I have chatted with a few new brides recently that also share my sentiments about Beyonce & I recently discovered some must have t-shirts and other Beyonce products that can showcase your BeyLove but also let the world know that you are a "Feyonce"!!

How adorable are these products!!

Feyonce tote Bag - perfect for attending all your bridal appointments!!

Feyonce Off the Shoulder Sweatshirt

Cute right!!!  Would you rock a Feyonce shirt?  Are you a Beyonce Fan as well?  Do share in the comment section below!

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