January 28, 2013

About Me....

We are in the height of engagement season right now & I want to introduce myself to new brides that may be reading Opulent Couturier Blog for the first time.  New engagements always entail  overdosing on wedding blogs & other pretty wedding inspiration!  I do have a formal About the Stylist/Planner under the Latrice tab on my website, however I wanted to share other random nuggets that may spark your curiosity!

Ready, let's go!

  • I am obsessed with the T.V. Show Scandal on ABC.  Its my guilty pleasure on Thursday nights & I watch it with a group of ladies....Shout out to the Gladiators in Suits.  We have a blast on Thursday.
  • Favorite song - Currently:  Diamonds by Rihanna .  Classic song:  Anything by Stevie Wonder, I recently broke the news to my Mother that I wanted him to sing at my wedding  reception.... (Imagine her response, LOL)
  • I don't like for my food to touch, I am a very picky eater. 
  • Favorite Color(s):  Pinks & Orange colors really compliment my skin tone, they are my power colors.
  • Favorite Actress:  Kerry Washington hands down (hence #1)
  • The last book that I read:  The 1 Book  I am currently reading:  it! by Paula Froelich
  • I would rather eat veggies raw than cooked.  I've recently started steaming my veggies so at least they still have a little crunch & are warm.  

  • Favorite Store:  Big Box - Costco...I could stay in there for hours.   Department Store:  TJ Maxx & Homegoods
  • PC or Mac:  I have a PC for my laptop but everything else...Apple all the way! 
  • I am really a scary person, like I scare very easy, for instance the music on the Twilight Zone...Oh I can't take it. 
  • I Love YouTube videos.  If I want to know something I will  YouTube it first & then Google it.
  • Favorite iPhone or iPad app at the moment:  Ruzzle, Subway Surf & Pinterest  - Follow me!
  • I am fascinated by people that coupon very well.  I use coupons but only electronically (Retail Me Not) A store clerk once referred to me as the "Bougie Couponer"
  • I am very resourceful, many of my close friends call me for the most random things & I can typically answer their questions or I refer to #11 !!!
  • My 30's have been my years of self discovery.  
  • I like wine, particularly a good red wine.
  • I prefer to drink hot tea over coffee.  
  • I love a good GIY - (Glam it Yourself) project.  Most of my DIY projects involve some sort of sparkle.
  • I love Oprah & I am still so grateful that I was able to be in the audience for one of her first Life Class shows on OWN!
  • My favorite moments in a wedding:  The Ceremony:  Just before I open the doors for the bride & her Father to walk down the aisle is such a sweet & tender moment.  The Reception:  Venue first looks for the couple (when time permits) & also the introduction of the Wedding Party + Bride & Groom.  That officially kicks off the party & to see the joy of the couple with their family and friends.  Love Love LOVE!  
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