September 17, 2012

Post Wedding Day Brunch Tips

Wedding Planning: A cool way to end the wedding weekend, exchange good-byes, thank your guests who 
traveled far is by hosting a post wedding brunch! Here are some things to consider:

*Who is hosting the brunch? Traditionally it would be the brides parents, but that doesn't always have to be the case.

*Decide on the location, conveniently having it in the host guests hotel would be ideal.

*Create a guest list - usually its for couples' families & any remaining OOT guests. Attendants and friends can also be included.

*Send invitations - they can be included in your invitation suite or sent separately.

*Set the menu - usually creating interactive food stations are a huge hit. Stations such as cereal bars, omelet 
stations, crepe stations & lets not forget the mimosas!

Are you planning a post wedding day brunch for your wedding? How are you going to decide who attends?

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