April 8, 2012

Let your passion lead you to your purpose!

Its hard to believe that almost two weeks have passed since I  had the greatest & somewhat life changing experience ever!  I've been a long time fan and respected the business leadership of Oprah Winfrey.  I mean Oprah has touched so many lives during her 25 years of being on television and she influenced me to "keep dreaming a bigger dream".  I wanted to hold off in posting my recap in order to coincide with the taping of our St. Louis show on April 9th at 7pm CST on the OWN Network.

Several weeks ago there was a open call for tickets for a live taping of Oprah's Lifeclass Show on the OWN Network in St. Louis, MO via Oprah.com.  Of course I posted a reminder on Facebook for my friends to try to get tickets, its a once in a lifetime chance especially since the Oprah Winfrey Show is off the air.  To give you the condensed version, I set my iPhone reminder the day of the ticket pool but little did I know that my friend Jasmine also registered as well because of my Facebook post..... A few days later I received an email that I was NOT selected to be in the audience, I was a little bummed but after years of always getting the busy signal when I tried to obtain tickets to the show, I was disappointed but it wasn't like I hadn't been turned down in the past.  Out of thousands of people what are the odds right??

On afternoon of  February 27th I received a text message from my friend Jasmine saying that she won tickets to the St. Louis Show & I was so excited for her.  Well a few minutes later she asked me if I wanted to go....Ugh YES you don't have to ask me twice.  Its OPRAH WINFREY LIVE!   Again, what are the odds of that really happening?  I was denied, she was accepted.  The excitement brewed for a few days that I was finally going to see Oprah Live and to put a cherry on top Bishop T.D. Jakes a very popular Pastor/Bishop of The Potter's House in Texas was going to be teaching the Lifeclass.  Pick me up off the floor! Now it was the question of what do I wear...??

We set out on our adventure to Lifeclass in St. Louis early Sunday March 25th. just the shear fact that I would see Oprah the next day had me pumped!  It officially set in when we pulled up in front of the Peabody Opera House 4 hours later to pick up tickets and the streets of downtown St. Louis were buzzing with excited show guests & it was decked out for Oprah's Lifeclass Tour. At that point I could not contain  myself in the truck & I think Jasmine got a kick out of  it because I am normally the cool, calm & collected type!  I mean I was going to see Oprah in exactly 24 hours from that point.  A definite pinch yourself moment!

After getting settled in at the hotel, we could not be in St. Louis without trying out Sweetie Pies, a local family owned  soul food restaurant.  Ironically they now have a reality  show on the OWN Network, called Welcome to Sweetie Pies!  Its a must watch, Ms. Robbie the matriarch of the family is such a little spitfire & a savvy business woman at 70+ years young!  While we were there Life Coach Guru Iyanla Vanzant arrived to have dinner!  I give Sweetie Pies a thumbs up on the food & our great service from Andre (Ms. Robbie's Grandson), if you are ever in St. Louis its a must visit restaurant, put your calorie counting to the side, because its true soul food!

Sweetie Pies....great food, laughs, business etiquette discussions & branding chats took place while in line for our food!    Wow we could have made magic happen if the right person was listening.... I had to start a "pay per word" virtual charge account for Jasmine because her business branding mind was going 10000 miles per minute while we were in line. *Sweetie Pies Call Me, we have great branding ideas...*  All I wanted was a picture with Ms. Robbie....it was achieved!  *smile*

Jasmine & I in line for the show......!   Its almost showtime!  Ironically the ladies behind us were from Nashville!  

One of the step & repeat backdrop banners for the Oprah Lifeclass Tour!

I OFFICIALLY have my own Oprah Winfrey Magazine Cover....I was so excited about this...who wouldn't be right?  I committed in 2008 to Live My Best Life and this made it come full circle.

I don't want to give the Lifeclass show away {Tune in Monday Night April 9, 2012 at 7pm CST}  but I do want to share key points that made an impact on me.  So many things sparked healthy conversation on the ride home also....it was a great experience!  Oh yeah that's Oprah (Via my iPhone below)...Eeeeekkkkkkkk!  I must say that throughout the show taping I could not believe just how real/down to earth Oprah was with her staff & also the audience.  She is a true professional that operates with integrity, what a great business model/mentor to look up too.  I know people that make $50K+ and think + act like they have arrived & need special treatment in public....Oprah was the opposite....  {I Digress...Quickly}   Her transparency at the end of our class session was golden and I know that the OWN Network has great things in store!  If you don't watch or have the OWN Network its a MUST add for your cable viewing!  The shows are really great & thought provoking.

LifeClass Notes:  
  • Let your passion lead you to your purpose.
  • You are significant.  If it brings you gratification + fulfills you its your purpose.
  • Don't spend time/energy being what you are not, its through disaster & adversity that you find yourself.
  • Passion + Purpose are partners.  Its your GPS System.  So things that are authentically true to your DNA.
  • What is the transportation that leads to your purpose destination? 
  • Listen to your inner voice.....
  • Don't allow your situation to become your launching pad.
  • You need Passion to withstand the obstacles while moving toward your purpose.......
  • The greater the digression the stronger the progression...
  • Money without purpose does not make you.  Don't chase provision, let it chase you!  (Love This)

  • Have a goal but also a strategy to get to your purpose & passion.
  • Your life really matters.....Do you believe that?
  • When your space is small don't depend on people to get you to the next level.
  • You can not embrace your future, if you are holding on to your bad history.
  • We can not reap a dividend where you are not making a deposit,
  • To Live on Purpose you have to be intentional!  
  • To resist your fear your faith will get bigger...
  • Gratitude is a hate check....
  • LOVE will always leap over excuses and find a way to get it done...
"Your purpose doesn't have to make you famous but meaningful....."  

I encourage you to watch the Monday taping of the St. Louis LifeClass, if you are trying to figure out your purpose.  It was an amazing show & really helped me to get into position for what I have planned for the future.  

Keep it stylish, 

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