March 9, 2012

The Fix {Nashville} with Jasmine Star Recap

I had the pleasure of attending theFix with Jasmine Star (J*) on Tuesday night at aVenue in downtown Nashville. The night was filled with great information, networking & inspiration.  I chose to attend theFix not for photography information but to be inspired to take Opulent Couturier to the next level in client development & marketing.  I love Jasmine's work but equally I love her interaction with other photographers and event professionals on her blog & within the J* Facebook community.  She definitely gets it & is so humble, relatable & full of charisma.  I could hang out with her any day, "Brown girls" represent!  Can I get an  "Amen" somebody!

During the course of the evening she spoke about her business, struggles in starting up, building a community of professionals to create value added partnerships & also being intentional in everything that you do.  She asked the question that I have been pondering over since Tuesday night.  What does success mean to you?  WOW, so simple but yet powerful.  Everyone has their own definition of success but its up to us to define what that is and not compare that with the next person.  What I consider success and what you consider success are 2 totally different things.  Only you can write you own story and create your own definition by living in your true meaning of success.
So I challenge you today to define for yourself what success really means to you & write down your plan to achieve it!  Amen!

"The fight does not go to the strongest, but to those who finish what they set out to do."  Never be  tied to the way you've always done something, break the mold and try something new.  This year that one of my goals for Opulent Couturier is to continue to bring new and fresh style, events & inspiration to the wedding industry.  I have committed to making myself accessible & open for new opportunities & its the most exciting feeling!  


Being involved in social media we have a way to market and reach clients & potential clients like no other generation has ever had.  The insight that was given in the marketing segment of her presentation was so valuable.  As well as how you communicate with your vendors and other colleagues within the industry.  Be intentional about your communication both in person & on the web its a form of relationship building, trust me it goes along way! 


If you have a chance to go to theFix in any of the remaining cities on the tour I would definitely recommend it. The connections and inspiration is so worth the investment on yourself and your growing business.  Also if you want to learn more about Jasmine Star {J*} be sure to pick up a copy of her inaugural magazine Exposed, I can't wait to dive into it this weekend.

Enjoy your weekend & stay stylish!  

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Krista Dial said...

Sounds like a fabulous event, Latrice! Was bummed I didn't get to talk further with you at the Leap in the City event! Would love to catch up with you soon! It's been TOO long!