February 10, 2012

Making Things Happen 2nd Anniversary

Its so hard to believe that today is my 2 year Making Things Happen Anniversary, our class was facilitated by Lara Casey, Jeff Holt & Jeremy Cowart who served as our host.  I entered the studio where the intensive was held alone & unsure what was in store for me for the day.  However I left with a feeling of camaraderie that I connected with so many new entrepreneurs wanting to accomplish big things in their career & life.

I've posted a few updates during the past 2 years of where I was on this journey here, here & here.  It wasn't until the past few months that I started to realize that everything that I documented from that day until now was starting to come to fruition.  I am a firm believer that your thoughts become things and speaking life into your current situation will always have a greater effect on your "not yet".

Its been a definite journey for me, because of how my mind works & I want to ensure that at this stage in my life that I am doing things that are intentional & because I want to do it.  Early in my career it was all about trying to do what I thought was popular in my area, which that's great but I wasn't being 100% authentic with what was in my heart.  Yes I am a wedding planner, I am organized, proactive & I know that I am good at maintaining a sense of calm & control even in the most heated situations.   However for me there was something missing in what I was doing as it related to the wedding industry.  Going back to wanting to go with the flow or what was popular in my area, I was very unsure with how styling & most importantly event styling would be received, I mean I live in Nashville, Tennessee aka Music City. In 2010 when I renamed my company to Opulent Couturier Event Styling & Planning it was a leap of faith but honestly there was also a little fear involved.  It was perfect (or divine timing) that I attended MTH 2010 the day after the official launch of my new company name & focus.  Having to proclaim to a room full of strangers with boldness & confidence who I was & where I saw myself in 1, 5, 10 years was a challenge but at the same time it energized me.  I am grateful for that time & how I can look back & appreciate the spark it lit within me to follow through with the goals both short & long term that I wrote in my MTH journal.

So here we are February 10, 2012 I am sitting in my office and I am thankful to have been able to experience everything that has happened over the past 2 years and the friendships I've gained because of Making Things Happen.  There have been some challenges & learning curves but overall I've had a great journey getting to this point.  I will be the first to say that I am not where I want to be, but my path is so much clearer & I am focused on what drives me and brings me total happiness.  Without God's grace & mercy and self love I am nothing & I start each day thankful to do what I love. I am looking forward to 2012 being very exciting with the new services that I will offer brides with overall wedding styling which includes bridal styling.  Also launching in April 2012, will be Opulent Couturier Style, Personal Brand Styling for Professionals.  This new addition excites me with all the possibilities of working with so many gifted professionals both in the wedding industry & also other professions.  More on that very soon.....

As I close, the Making Things Happen 2012 tour is kicking off very soon and I would encourage anyone that wants to change & connect with other like minded professionals to sign up for the Intensive.  It will be a great investment on yourself but also your company!  To find out a little more of what's been happening in my world, check out this week's Making Things Happen Alum Spotlight {Here} & thanks ladies for the feature!

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