August 29, 2011

Product Review - Jamberry Nails

I love discovering new products & sharing my feedback with friends & clients. I confess that I am a self diagnosed product junkie. {Pray for me} A few months ago, I purchased a Living Social offer for Jamberry Nail Shields. I am sure if you are anything like me, those offers/coupons from websites like Living Social & Groupon just seem to call my name. They are quick impulse buys that you just can't seem to pass up....

On Sunday I decided to try out my Jamberry Nail Shields that I ordered & I am totally pleased with how they turned out. I ordered the black & white houndstooth design & I only applied 1 shield on my two big toes & painted the other nails with nail polish. The end result is pretty fabulous if I do say so myself!
The sheet comes with 18 nail shields in all different sizes & you just match up the right size that fits your nail bed, cut it to until its a perfect match, apply 10-15 seconds of heat from a blow dryer & Voila!

Nail shields are stickers that can be used for fingernails & toenails. Available in a variety of different colors & designs the nail shields are a great way to express your inner fashionista without breaking the bank. I was really surprised at how simple they were to apply & from the instructions they will last about 1-2 weeks on a mani & 4-6 weeks on a pedi, which is great for a pedicure. If you are more active, they may not last as long.

Nail shields can also be a great alternative for brides to have on their wedding day. Since they last for 1-2 weeks this would also carry you through the honeymoon. What girl doesn't like having a perfect mani & pedi while on vacation? The Jamberry shields have really great metallic, & solids that would be perfect. If you are more contemporary or a rebel, the design shields would be a great accessory. Don't forget about your bridesmaids...these would be a great addition to any bridesmaid spa gift basket!

Overall I give the Jamberry Nail Shields an A+, for their easy application & fun design!

Below is the application video if you are thinking about trying these out! Be sure to leave a comment on the blog if you love them as much as I do!


Barn Weddings said...

Yes. I do love them so beautiful. I use to have nail arts too. Thanks also for sharing the video, it inspires me to try using that nail shield. It's quite simple than having a nail art designs.

Melissa said...

I became a consultant, I love these so much! And they just came out with their fall/winter line-up. Check them out at They are all so cute. I'm just about to put on the spiderweb ones for Halloween!