July 2, 2011

Wedding Vendor Spotlight :: Wrapped Couture

Custom, personal, delightfully filled & especially yours, they're Wrapped Couture, a custom gift basket company. The magic of social media, I was connected with Lissahn DeVance, the owner of Wrapped Couture long before I met her personally at Inspire Smart Success Experience {ISSE} in Atlanta. I had the pleasure of sitting next to Lissahn during the conference & her enthusiasm & passion for her company was contagious. Wrapped Couture's custom baskets are perfect wedding welcome baskets for out of town guests, bridal party gifts & family gifts.

Enjoy my chat with Lissahn of Wrapped Couture on her passion of creating custom gifts for your wedding guests!


1. Give us an overview of Wrapped Couture?

A company that designs and creates Custom Gift Baskets based on the personality of the recipient. The gift baskets are designed based on a consultation and none of the baskets are ever pre-made. Every basket has a theme and each item is hand chosen to carry the theme throughout. For weddings and events, each baskets represents the same color palette of the event but still reflects the individual personality of the recipient. Wrapped Couture also creates custom gift baskets for companies wishing to provide gift baskets as thank you gifts as well as Welcome Baskets for hotels.

2. How long have you been in business?

I've been making custom gift baskets since my children were little; over 10 years, but my company has been officially in business for a year and a half.


2. Favorite thing about what you do?

Just like in Wedding planning, I do a consultation with my clients before designing or making a gift basket. None of them are ever pre-made and none of the items are ever chosen before hand. I love how the consultation transforms into the actual basket, just like choosing the details of someone’s wedding day. To me, hand picking those items bring me the same joy.

3. What is your signature style?

It has to be Customization. There is a difference between putting a person’s name on something and making it just for them. I actually take the time and listen to what my clients tell me and create something unique, full of personality, and never cookie-cutter.


5. Most common misconceptions about hiring a specialty gift provider for a wedding or special event?

That it’s all DIY. Granted, a lot of things are DIY, but I don’t just go to the local store to buy items, put them in a basket, wrap them up, and put a bow on them. All of my baskets have a theme based on the initial consultation, and I then choose items based on that them and work very hard to carry that them to the end; from gourmet popcorn and peanuts to jewelry and make the basket as elegant as possible and work with the budget that’s been provided.


6. What's the best advice you can give to brides on selecting a specialty wedding vendor?

Specialty is just that…specialty. Know what it is you’re looking for and know that there are particular price points for specialty items; only varying slightly. ALWAYS have a budget in mind and be willing to discuss what your needs are when you contact the vendor. Lastly, don’t be afraid to contact the vendor, regardless of what you see on his/her website.

For more information on Wrapped Couture, visit their website, Blog here, Follow on Twitter & Become a Fan on Facebook!

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