June 28, 2011

Today I am feeling.....

When I was in high school...(yeah I know back in the day) I had a high school Spanish Teacher, Mr. Faulkner that made class fun! To this day, I remember 1 quote he would always say, that was sure to get the class laughing. "Today I am feeling kind of Frippy" who says frippy? We sure didn't but it stuck with me all these years.

Even though today I'am not feeling "frippy", I am definitely feeling sparkly! I love when a bride is not afraid to incorporate a little sparkle into her wedding day. What greater way to do so, than with fabulous stilettos!!!

My new found love is Miu Miu. You like?


1 comment:

WrappedCouture said...

Man, I took one look at these shoes and gasped!!! LOL...I absolutely adore them and would have them in my closet!