May 19, 2011

Inspire Smart Success - Are you Attending?

I am very excited to be attending this upcoming conference for motivated wedding professionals!

ISSE's amazing speakers and sessions for wedding business owners will give you hands-on advice on how to book more business and grow your brand...all while immersing you in a luxurious, full day inspirational EXPERIENCE.

Learn How to Get your Wedding Business Feature In Print, Online & On TV:

  • GET ON TV: Have you ever asked yourself, "How in the world do I get on television as an expert?" Or what about, "How do I pitch my reality show idea when I know it's really great!?" Positioning yourself as an expert on television can change your business overnight! Learn how to pitch yourself and position your company to get on TV from an expert panel of Celebrity Wedding Planners & Event Designers who are regulars on TV from Diann Valentine, toTony Conway, and Tiffany Nieves-Cook. Also hear from seasoned national and local Television Producers from CNN and Fox, about what they look for when being pitched.

  • GET PUBLISHED IN PRINT: We all want to grow our companies, book more business, and make more money-right?! But how do you stand out and get noticed? Getting published in print and online provides credibility and builds awareness of you and your brand. There are affordable ways and easy tactics to getting published in local and national magazines... Stacie, who is a skilled multi-platform Marketer and former Editor-in-Chief of a national wedding publication, along with an expert panel of magazine pros, will teach you insider tips and tricks on how to pitch to get published!

  • GET PUBLISHED ONLINE: With all of the thousands of popular blogs out there, it's important to have a strategy in place that will get your work published online. Learn from Stacie and the expert panel how to create this strategy and become the go-to wedding pro for the online blogging community to get published online!

The event is hosted by the fab Stacie Francombe a successful entrepreneur & marketing expert.

Be Prepared for FUN:

This ISS Experience is more than just presentations and speeches…it will be just what we promise, an EXPERIENCE!

  • Be prepared for a fabulous party where you can let loose, mingle and meet new friends.
  • Followed by a fun and easy going day of quality and actionable information and tools to get you pumped about increasing your brand awareness!
  • Use this experience as an opportunity to surround yourself with other like-minded entrepreneurs, and at the same time, get to know Stacie and learn about her mentoring program Inspire Smart Success.
  • Whether you are an experienced wedding professional or just starting out….this information is invaluable and this experience is for you!

If you on the fence about attending this conference, I would like to encourage you to be there! I look forward to connecting & learning from all the really great wedding professionals!! Be sure when you make your reservation, be sure to tell Stacie, Latrice of Opulent Couturier referred ya!!

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