December 20, 2010

Opulent Favorite Thing #9 - Personalized Plates by La Plates

They're custom, preppy and oh so cute... La Plates is an unique company that designs personalized plates that are great for entertaining. A simple picnic with your Beau or they would be fantastic to incorporate them into a elegant bridal shower/luncheon!

Created by Lara Hazelett Shelton, La Plates has been very popular with celebrities like Tori Spelling, Colin Cowie, The Kardashians and so many more. They have even designed custom baskets for the Obama family to welcome them to Martha's Vineyard. LOVE IT!!

Can you see why these are my Favorite Thing! Adorable Right...?

For more information on La Plates visit their website & the celebrity blog!!

1 comment:

Leslee Mitchell said...

LOVE these colors. And the cool fonts.