June 8, 2010

You're a Rockstar! Bridal Inspiration

We all have an inner rock star, diva or divo just waiting to be unleashed. Brides that have a bit of an edge to their style or that may be tatted {tattoo} up are finding amazing inspiration from blogs like Rock 'n Roll Bride. Kat Williams - the RnR Bride has definitely made her voice known in the wedding industry & I totally dig her style! Her encouragement to brides & grooms to let their quirky, eclectic style define their wedding & not the cookie cutter stereotype of what a wedding "should be" is a breath of fresh air.

Rock out with some Rockstar bridal inspiration & be sure to check out Rock 'n Roll Brides blog for more inspiration!


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Suzanne said...

What great details! I think a Rock N Roll wedding theme would be so much fun!