June 28, 2010

Wedding Officiant: How will you choose?

One of the most important decisions that you will make in planning a wedding is selecting the Wedding Officiant. If you are getting married in a church or other religious institutions then your Officiant will typically be provided to you. I would encourage you when selecting your Officiant that you have personally developed a relationship leading up to the wedding ceremony.

Your Wedding Officiant will have a prominent presence in starting your life together as husband and wife, and nothing is more awkward then receiving religious counsel from someone that is unfamiliar to you. If you don't have a personal minister, other sources to consider when selecting your ceremony Officiant would be a family member, Justice of the Peace, religious counselor/spiritual leader or close friend. Whomever you select to perform this sacred ceremony must be ordained. In several states, individuals can obtain a certificate to perform a wedding ceremony via the Universal Life Church.

Image Source: David Dobson

If you have to hire your own Ceremony Officiant, keep these useful interview questions in mind:
  • What is your view of marriage?
  • Have you ever presided over a wedding ceremony?
  • Have you ever led a group ritual or ceremony? If so how many?
  • What is your spiritual or religious orientation? How much of this would you include into the ceremony?
  • How many times would you meet with us before the wedding ceremony?

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Maria of Ashley's Bride Guide said...

Who knew that someone of your choosing could become ordained to perform your wedding ceremony? I didn't! Great info!

Lyssabeth's Wedding Officiants said...

Great post. Yet it's surprising how many couples leave hiring their wedding officiant to the very last. Nothing can ruin a wedding day faster than not having the officiant do a good job. Take the time to meet with several. Asses their personalities and how they mesh with yours.