June 29, 2010

Wedding Ceremony: The Chuppah


A Chuppah is a symbol of the couple's first home together. Commonly chuppah's are seen in Jewish wedding ceremonies however more non-Jewish brides are incorporating these beautiful structures into their wedding ceremony.

The chuppah is commonly a piece of sacred cloth, special blanket that is supported by four posts that a couple stands under during a wedding ceremony. The chuppah is open on all four sides which represents that the couple's new home will be open to all.

Wedding styling is very important when working with most brides. When styling a chuppah couples are encouraged to create their chuppah from materials that are meaningful to both of them. Lighting & great florals are a key way to create ambiance however natural fabrics and textures are also beautiful for an outdoor wedding ceremony.



Is a chuppah your style? How are you are making it unique to you?

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Maria of Ashley's Bride Guide said...

This is a great trend to bring historic traditions into modern weddings!