June 1, 2010

Creative Props for Wedding Photo Booths

As a bride I know that you are always on the look out for something fun & creative that will make your wedding memorable and fun. Photo Booths are a great way to have a very interactive wedding reception that is fun for guest of all ages. Most Photo booth companies like Photo Booth Nashville have great packages and are starting to include super fun props.

I discovered the company Photojojo recently & I love their Chalkboard Speech Bubble. The chalkboards are all hand cut & carved out of durable eco-friendly plywood & the chalk is also included. This is sure to create very funny moments & captions inside the photo booth.


If a photo booth is in your wedding reception plans adding additional props to the booth is key. Include items like:
  • Colorful Wigs
  • Various hats, cowboy, construction, fedoras, tiaras
  • Feather boas
  • Oversized props: sunglasses, microphones
  • Mustaches on a stick
  • Smiles on a stick
  • Pimp hats & faux gold chains



Make it fun & creative.... ♬ ♪ Pose for the camera now *click*click* ♬ ♪

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