May 3, 2010

Support & Prayers for Nashville Flood Victims

As I am typing this post from my hotel room in Gatlinburg, my heart is so heavy for the city of Nashville and surrounding areas. This past weekend we received record numbers of rain fall, some say over 13 inches between Saturday & Sunday. Sheesh, that's more than we sometimes get within an entire month. I have been glued to my TV and laptop watching every development and praying for those families that have been displaced and for the families that have lost loved ones. Its something surreal to see streets, neighborhoods and landmarks that you see on a daily basis suddenly under water.

This storm really puts me in the mind of a small scale Hurricane Katrina, I saw small because of the difference in the amount of lives that were lost in New Orleans. However still of the same magnitude in how it has a lasting effect on a city. I was able to travel to New Orleans for relief support help and take a team of 15 team members down with me from a previous employer and it was such a life changing experience. Although Nashville right now, is receiving a lot of local coverage...News Channel 5 Nashville is doing an amazing job covering the floods. I strongly believe that it should also be receiving more National News Coverage from television shows like The Today Show, Good Morning America, and so many others. Nashville Tennessee is a mecca for country music & gospel music and is starting to become a gateway for many other musical artist, and movie productions to film & record in our great city. So I ask where is the national coverage? Thank goodness for social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube that have kept so many people across the country updated on the Nashville Flood.

Nashville Brides, if you are planning a wedding and have had to start researching other venues for your wedding ceremony or reception due to the storms please know that Opulent Couturier is here to assist you in your efforts if you are not currently working with a wedding planner. There are several wedding venues, bakeries, floral shops that have made their event spaces available if your current wedding venue, bakery, etc has been damaged due to the recent Nashville floods. If you need assistance please don't hesitate to reach out to me and I will assist you in any way possible.

Feel free to email me at hello {at} opulentcouturier {dot} com & put in the subject line Wedding Assistance - Nashville Flood.

Nashville lets get out there and do what we do best & what our state is known for....volunteer! Your time, resources and support is needed during this time!

Stay safe and give an extra squeeze to those that you love & even strangers during this time, you never know their situation!


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