May 25, 2010

Cynthia Rowley - Bridesmaid Dresses - Foursquare

Say whaaaaaaaa? I love creative marketing so when I got word about this creative bridal event I had to pass along the deets! Cynthia Rowley is an amazing designer {I am such a fan of her clothing line, especially her handbags...LOVE Them!} she is partnering with Foursquare, Lovely Bridal Shop & The Dessy Group for a very creative collaboration.

Foursquare is the online community that allows users to check into various locations for badges, points & unlock special offers. What I love about Foursquare is that they are getting creative in working with designers & other companies in driving traffic to their website as well as company store fronts & online stores. If this was done on a local level it would set a new trend that's for sure....Hint, Hint!!

The new Cynthia Rowley Bridesmaid collection will launch in New York, coupled with this amazing Foursquare partnership that gives brides & their maids a chance to view a beautiful collection, check in to the event using Foursquare which unlocks special gifts for them as well! Pretty clever huh?

For More information on this exclusive Cynthia Rowley & Foursquare event click here! For additional locations launching the Cynthia Rowley Bridesmaid Collection click here!

Are you a member of Foursquare? If so leave us a comment & we will friend you!!

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Kristen said...

I'm on Foursquare & I'm still trying to figure it out!