April 5, 2010

Resources as a Nashville Wedding Planner

As a wedding planner in Nashville, I try to be as resourceful as possible. Whether its networking with vendors on the services that they offer or locating unique finds that I can refer to brides. A part of being resourceful for me is allowing technology to work in my favor. Now for those that know me, I have always been "technology chic"...I love electronic gadgets!! Now I'm not as chic & cool as the fabulous Chic Wedding Geek, but I think I do pretty well. Especially when it comes to resources that help me to work smarter & not harder. I juggle many tasks, telephone calls & emails through out the course of my day/week. I have learned to be more efficient with my time and also my clients time by utilizing the benefits of having an Apple iPhone. When I say its a life changer...it really is a life changer!

I won't disclose all my secrets but I want to share a few that are extremely helpful to me when working with brides and other clients.

First: Timelogger - this amazing app keeps me in line and allows me to monitor my time if clients contract with me for an hourly rate. It also helps if there are a set number of hours that are offered within a clients wedding planning package, I can track that more efficiently as well. I use to be the worst at going over those hours but now, I can start the timer when meeting with brides or style clients that gives them an accurate total of our hours that we've worked together.

Also another great benefit of the Time Logger app, it has the capability to convert the weekly or monthly time sheet into a PDF form and/or spreadsheet that I can email directly to clients. {Time saver}

Resource #2: Awesome Note - This little lovely is helping me in my "12 step program" for my addiction to Post-it notes! I confess I keep them in my car, and its typical to find them on my steering wheel & dashboard. With Awesome Note, this App allows me to create file folders and within those file folders, are small post-it notes that I can stay on top of my daily to do list.

Resource #3: Knocking Video - I use this App mostly with clients or vendors that also have an iPhone. However I hear there is a version that is now available for Android phones as well. The benefits of Knocking Video are when I am out & about & I see a particular item that I think can be used for a brides wedding or style client {if they have an iPhone} I can send them live video right on the spot. They can also send me video as well!

Resource #4: Pantone - this is by far my all time favorite App when I am working with clients. It is a little pricier than regular apps but its so worth it! I believe that every wedding planner, designer and stylist should have some form of the Pantone Color Wheel to assist clients in selecting just the right color palette for their wedding or special event.

The wonderful thing about the myPantone iPhone app is its ability to customize colors from the wide assortment of colors on the fandeck. {shown below} With the Pantone fandeck I have the ability to pull down colors from the deck and create a customize color swatch. Similar to what you would see at Home Depot or Lowe's in the paint section. From there I can save it, email it, send to another mobile device for vendors and/or clients or post it to an internal bulletin board. It helps to keep everyone on the same page once a client has finalized their wedding or event color palette. {Amazing}

Another great feature of the myPantone app is that I can take a picture of something and the App will then generate a color layout for what is pictured. Below are 2 images that I captured recently while doing some antique shopping. See how it gives you corresponding colors that will work well with the main image!

Additional Fandeck Image

Resource #5: Wedding Wire for Iphone- this App is very handy when meeting with brides and they may have a vendors name, but maybe not their contact information. If the vendor is registered on Wedding Wire, I have the ability to access their contact information as well as any other information that is provided on their Wedding Wire page. This save alot of time and not always having to carry around business cards!

Wedding Wire Vendor Search

Resource #6: WSMV News Channel 4 - this is by far my favorite news station in the Nashville area! Their iPhone App keeps in me the loop on local news, live video and breaking news. Now I know you are probably thinking how does this relate to brides? Well peep this...!

The most important feature to me as a wedding planner, is that I can check for local traffic updates. This great for late afternoon consultations when rush hour traffic is at its worst. The WSMV app has local traffic cameras all over the city of Nashville. So no matter where I am heading, I can check traffic prior to leaving & I can make changes to my travel route on how the traffic looks. There is nothing worse than being late for a consultation with a vendor or bride and its due to traffic. Now I am a realist and it happens, however with the WSMV iPhone App, I can be proactive instead of reactive!

Resource #7: The Weather Channel iPhone App - pretty self explanatory huh? Yeah I know, this app is great for checking the 10 day weather forecast especially for weddings that are held outside. Since its 10 days out, it allows me to plan accordingly if there is rain in the forecast to start putting "Plan B" into action.

Well there you have it! I hope this gives you a little insight on how I use technology & how I use it to assist in the wedding planning process! I am curious if any readers have any other great iPhone Apps that you would like to share? Please leave me a comment in the box below!!

Happy Planning!


Kristin Kaplan said...

Super helpful blog Latrice! I definitely need to get the Pantone app!

Rhonda Hendricks said...

um, this was fabulous!! and that Pantone app sounds super cool!

Rhonda Hendricks

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

Dude. Pantone app. Love it. Want it. Need an Iphone first!

GrayPhotography - Zach & Jody said...

What a great blog post!!!! To add to your list, you should use Sunrise & Set which is a free app that tells you when sun set is!! This will be super helpful for brides planning an outdoor wedding and don't want to see each other before the ceremony. The photographer will love you that you actually thought about the available light left for photos! :) Love this post!

Kelli Nixon Photography said...

I was at WPPI this month and met a guy who developed this application: haven't tried it b/c I don't have an iPhone, but looks pretty cool. http://gorillagroup.net/

Wendy Cunningham said...

I downloaded the Awesome Note app for my Droid yesterday after reading your post. LOVE IT!