April 19, 2010

Eventology 2010 - Learning from the Best


I am so excited to be here at Eventology 2010 to learn from some of the best in the wedding industry. Katasha Butler is the creator of this awesome conference that I had the pleasure of attending last year & I could not wait to return to Nap Town to meetup with friends from last year & also to network to meet new wedding planners from other states. "You are only as strong as your network."

The conference line up this year is stellar & I am looking forward to learning from:
  • Building Your Team: From Interns to Associates by Lara Casey
  • Priced to Sell! Cultivating Your Service Offerings by Saundra Hadley
  • The Art of Wedding Design: Innovative Designs and Trends by Sasha Souza
  • Geek is Chic: Tech Tools for Your Wedding Business by Terrica Skaggs
  • Brand Success! Brand Building and Brand Strategy by Harmony Walton

I will definitely post a complete recap of the conference when I return! If you are on twitter, be sure to follow the updates with the #Eventology hashtag!

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katherine holly everett said...

Hope that you are having a wonderful time... meeting new people and soaking in all of the information!