March 25, 2010

Can't get enough of graffiti bridal inspiration...

OK, I have a confession...I love graffiti especially when its paired with a stunning bridal gown, or fun engagement or "day after" photo shoot. Yesterday I hope you were inspired by the French Vogue bridal graffiti eye candy. Today, I bring to you a option for a fun "day after" photo shoot from Forever After Images or Rosie Parsons.

More brides are choosing to include a "day after" photo shoot into their overall wedding photography packages. Day after shoots can be done with brides only or with both the bride & groom. What I love about "day after" shoots is the fact that they allow the couple to be more relaxed and be themselves. By relaxed I mean with "day after" shoots the wedding day jitters have subsided & the couple can just let loose and enjoy that special time.

Nashville brides, if you are considering incorporating graffiti into your engagement or wedding photography where have you discovered cool graffiti? I am aware of a few common "Nashville" murals, but I've also found some really cool graffiti in uncommon places. If you need suggestions on locations, be sure to leave me a comment!!

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Image credit: Forever After Images


The Owl Diary said...

Could that dress be any prettier?

Kelsey said...

I love the graffiti in these pics.. I had a similar idea. Where is Nashville is this located?

Latrice of Opulent Couturier said...

@Kelsey, this was actually not taken in Nashville however there are some locations in Nashville near the Gulch & one really cool in the Airport area on Donelson Pike near Bar-B-Cutie restaurant & the near by car wash.