February 10, 2010

Nashville Wedding Eye Candy - McNeal Wedding Films

MOVIE PREVIEW Allie & Brandon from McNeal Video on Vimeo.

Harris PREP from McNeal Video on Vimeo.

McNeal Wedding Films is a team of women who are exclusively dedicated to weddings and offers a refreshing departure from the traditional wedding video. They are passionate about producing compelling wedding films that push the creative envelope to a new level of artistry and excellence while customizing the movie for each couple. They enjoy the excitement of each wedding day and pay close attention to all the emotions and details of the day. They then take all that footage and edit it into a movie that tells the story of your day in a unique, artistic and cinematic style.

Personal endorsement: I am so happy to feature McNeal Wedding Films as this weeks eye candy. Although I have not officially met Lynette McNeal I have so much respect for her work, her level of detail that she provides to her clients but also her commitment to wedding business. I believe that we are "nocturnal twins" because she is very much a night owl much like myself when working on projects. I will never forget having a late night working recently & randomly sent a tweet out & Lynette was up and gave me so many laughs for that brief moment.

I look forward to meeting her officially tomorrow night at the Wedding 101 & Her Nashville Ultimate Wedding Giveaway Party.

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