February 28, 2010

Making Things Happen 2010 - Nashville Recap


I had the pleasure of attending Making Things Happen 2010 - Nashville on February 10, 2010. I realize its been exactly 18 days since the Intensive with Lara Casey, Jeff Holt & Jeremy Cowart and I am just now posting a recap but it takes me a little longer to process things.....I am a thinker & I analyze everything...when I say everything I mean everything!

This post is probably going to be the most transparent that I have been on my blog because I firmly believe in keeping my personal & business life separate. I have opened up on a few things on Twitter but opening up on my thoughts and feelings I have kept away from social media.

Soooo, why did I attend Making Things Happen 2010 - Nashville. Honestly I really can't tell you the answer to that, but what I can tell you is that it was the absolute best decision that I have made in 2010 thus far in regards to working on myself and my business model.

I received several emails & text messages from people once I revealed that I was attending Making Things Happen 2010 about why I was attending or "I can't believe you are paying someone to tell you how to make things happen" or "People are just attending to be on the radar for exposure in Southern Weddings Magazine" but I chose to ignore that chatter and take a huge step of faith. Now being remotely involved in the wedding industry, you know the name Lara Casey...you know Southern Weddings...that little magazine.. {LOL} Kidding, Kidding. I have been a supporter of Lara & the SW Ladies since I embarked upon my wedding planning business. From what I could tell from personally meeting Lara & chatting with her on numerous occasions was that she was the "real deal". She loved life, people & wanted to see people excel & do well. So when she announced on her blog about the Intensive in Watercolor I was going to try my best to make it there. Well due to other obligations it just was not feasible with my schedule. Then the post was put out there about visiting other cities on the MTH2010 tour & I had a put a plug in for Nashville. Mind you I had NO IDEA of what the MTH2010 Intensive entailed but I felt a tug in my spirit that I needed to be there.

Fast forward to February 9, 2010, the day before the Intensive in Nashville...I had a huge surge of emotions. #1 being that was the day that I launched Opulent Couturier Event Styling & Planning, as an extension of Bridal Opulence. Needless to say lots going on & I was trying to get my mind right for whatever 2.10.10 - MTH-Nashville had in store. In reading the previous tweets from the Alumni of Making Things Happen I knew that I was in for a different experience...still not sure what because people were not spilling the beans even though I tried on countless attempts via DM to find out! #FAIL
For those that know me, like really know me...I am a true Type A personality; planner deep down in my spirit. I mean everything has a place, ROYGBIV closet space{clothing retail folks will get that}, weekly to-do list, very crafty, yada yada yada. {I really should seek help!} The night before MTH 2010 - Nashville there really was no preparing and it was driving me bananas, like seriously. So I went to sleep wondering.....what have I gotten myself into....!

Fast forward through my morning of 2.10.10...I arrived at the location for MTH2010 - Nashville and was immediately greeted by Lara's smiling face. Happy to see her but still very uncomfortable about what the next 6+ hours would be like. Shortly after meeting a few attendees it was on & poppin!

I would have never guessed that I would be amongst many total strangers, yet feel such a connection & passion within our circle of what I consider now a family. In an industry where image & branding, etc is everything it was good to lay things out on the line and openly discuss our fears, personal stories, etc. I honestly being the Type A "Sista Soldier" {aka strong woman} I had already told myself "to keep it together". I am a very emotional person although there is a strong exterior, I get extremely emotional about things that I am passionate about. Going through several exercises within our group had me thinking of ways that I need to change personally & professionally. Family & close friends should always be the center of whatever you do, and I realized that a few years ago when I left my career in Executive Retail & Logistics Management {14+ years} to pursue things that I loved & to spend more time with the people I loved.

After several exercises, I realized that we all wanted the same thing & that was to be successful and honestly do what was best for ourselves & our families. That was the common thread that held our group together. I could relate to so many stories that were shared from everyone & I must say to Jeff & Lara Thank you for sharing so much of yourself.

The Intensive all boils down to facing your fears, removing things & sometimes people that bog you and your thought process down, asking yourself those tough questions that are always in the back of our minds yet forcing us to write them on paper. During the entire Intensive I kept thinking of the scripture references of Habakkuk 2:2 & 2 Timothy 1:7. Everything that we were chatting about forced us to go deeper into ourselves and that is very hard to do. Going back to my "Sista Soldier" attitude, I honestly had held it together until the next to the last exercise of really proclaiming who we were personally & in our business and meaning it....I fought back the tears so badly. For me, I had just opened a new chapter of my business with Opulent Couturier and speaking out loud to somewhat strangers was a bit intimidating. However Lara really has a way of bringing out a inner confidence that I grew to appreciate after that humbling exercise.

These were some tough questions from my personal MTH journal that I wanted to share!

Looking at myself on paper......


You are your brand! No matter what your profession may be, always ask the question, what am I showing people about myself & my personal branding?

What am I showing people.....? {Sorry for the blurry pic}


The last exercise of truly defining who you are & your purpose & writing things down...ummm lets just say that "Sista Soldier" was not much of a strong soldier. After the previous 5 hours of soul searching and chatting I really began to realize who I was. Now I knew who I was as a person but when you remove all distractions {phone, social media, text messages, etc.} and honestly focus on who you are & what makes you the unique person you were created to be, it really is an emotional journey!

Portion of my purpose....


The experience of Making Things Happen was very valuable, but its not until you go home and replay the experience & complete your assignments that you start on your journey of Making Things Happen!! I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised, humbled & very grateful for the experience & yep I would definitely do it again. I also would recommend that if you are reading this & have not had the opportunity to attend that you should make it to one of the upcoming stops along this powerful tour.

I will be sharing more on the blog about how I am Making Things Happen in the near future! I've had some really amazing doors to open up for me & I am so thankful.

Lara & Jeff thank you for continuing to dream big and face your fears & encouraging others to do the same!! Jeremy thank you for being you & for making us laugh by saying...."I already told you who I was..." Classic!!

Until the next time....Make Things Happen!!!


Lisa Michelle said...

Hey Latrice,

Thanks so much for sharing your personal experience. This was truly a great post! It's not always easy to share but in doing so, you make a blessing for someone else. This has inspired me to "Make Things Happen". I pray for you sooo much success in this new chapter of your business as well as your personal life, and that everything your that your hand touches to prosper. Be encouraged for you have encouraged me. Thank you.

Kristen said...

Latrice, this was an amazing recap & I'm so excited about how we're going to make things happen this year!! :)

Jen Creed said...

Thanks for sharing this :)

Jeannine Kennedy said...

Latrice, you are solid on your path and I am privileged to be a witness to seeing you shine. Loved the recap - thank you for sharing!

Sarah Boutwell said...

It was such a joy to experience MTH2010 with you. I was reading your blog & thinking about the intensive just last week, and I told Thomas that I thought there was something super special about you. Your warmth, honesty and love for people was so evident, even in the brief time we spent together at MTH2010. May you continue to be blessed and bless others. I know you will. :) Go out there and make things happen, Latrice. God's got big things in store for you.

Latrice of Opulent Couturier said...

Thanks everyone for your sweet words of encouragement & thanks for reading the blog!!

My name is Pam said...

Latrice after reading this post all I could say was wow. Thanks for sharing your personal experience.