February 13, 2010

Etsy Spotlight - Jazz things up

I am definitely a child of the 80's & 90's when it comes to relating to fashions/trends that come full circle. Jazzing up any simple pair of shoes started in the 80's and that trend is back! Brides are always looking for that special pair of shoes for their wedding day. Whether your taste is a Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, or even Nine West your wedding shoes must make a statement!

I discovered these great shoes clips on Etsy and they definitely make a simple shoe have that Kapow factor!! These shoe clips are pretty bold but I am certain these etsy designers will work with you to create a one of a kind look!!

A few of my faves!!



1 comment:

Kate Miller Events said...

LOVE those first clips...and I have shoes that are just begging for them. Thank you!