January 25, 2010

Personalize your wedding reception lounge

I absolutely love to work with brides that have a creative flair & want to personalize their wedding reception. By adding pops of color, a custom gobo, decor and custom monogram pieces you can take make your reception memorable & truly your own.

Couples are becoming very creative in incorporating their new initials into their wedding reception lounge area. It can serve 2 purposes, a customized wow factor for the reception & also they can then be incorporated into their new home as a accent piece for the decor after the wedding!

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Queen of Cashmere designs these adorably chic custom cashmere pillows above, they are definitely for the luxe bride. All the Queen of Cashmere products are custom and typically take about 6 weeks to fully design...you can't rush great quality!

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Those pillows would definitely take the lounge area shown above to the next level!! Don't you think? If you plan to have a lounge area at your wedding reception how do you plan to customize it? Would love to hear your vision...drop us a comment!!

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Queen of Cashmere said...

The lounge is really lovely but certinly a few monogram pillows would add a certain je ne sais quoi. The pillows come in three sizes and are made to order in any combination of over 40 colors!
These make great housewarming gifts for newlyweds, too.
Thanks for the blog love.