November 2, 2009

Etiquette Monday - Hosting a Bridal Shower or Event

Today's Etiquette Monday is perfect for a Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid that may be hosting a shower in a brides honor! Bridal showers can be casual, whimsical or elegant solely depends on the theme that has been selected for the event.

It is normal for a wedding planners to be contracted to plan & host showers for their clients as an additional service or Ala carte portion of their planning packages. This ensures that the event will flow seamlessly & the bride, her bridal party & family will be able to relax and enjoy the occasion!

In the event that a wedding planner is not contracted to plan the event I would like to share a few helpful tips to being a great hostess!
  • The event host always extends the invitation to shower guest at least 4 weeks prior to the shower date.
  • Determine the location and plans for the event which also includes planning the menu.
  • For events of 8 or more its recommended to use place cards to direct event guest on seating.
  • When seating VIP guest {ie., bridal party, family} they should be seated to the right of the host/hostess & guest of honor.
  • Honoring VIP guest its customary for the Host/Hostess to make a "welcome toast" to kick off the shower or event.
  • If the shower is formal its customary for the Host/Hostess to propose a toast to the guest of honor while dessert is being served.
  • After this toast, the guest of honor will also respond with a toast to thank the Host.
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Happy Hosting!!

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