October 12, 2009

Etiquette Monday - Drinking & alcohol consumption at your wedding

Your big day is finally here and you & your handsome groom are ready to celebrate with your wedding party! Ask yourself the question...how much is too much before the actual ceremony? A wedding ceremony is a very sacred so limiting your toast or alcohol consumption prior to the ceremony is advised.

Its perfectly okay to have a single celebratory toast but to over consume before the wedding & reception only spells disaster!! There will only be regrets later if the choice to over consume before the ceremony is made because it will show in your videography & also photography. Who wants to watch a wedding video & the couples speech is slurred? {So not cool}

Other ways to control the alcohol consumption at your reception with wedding guest:
  • Limit the open bar hours - most guests view an open bar as a time to get "inebriated" for free. However if you partner with your wedding planner & venue bartender to close the bar during dinner & also 30-45 minutes prior to the end of the evening it will cut down on some excessive drinking.
  • Limited alcohol selections - having a signature cocktail only; or have 2 bottles of wine preset at each table so your guests can share during dinner. Limits the over indulgence & its cost effective!
  • Have a cash bar - its a known fact that when guests have to pay for their own alcohol they tend to consume a little less.
  • Have other beverage options like soda, tea, water and non alcoholic punch available to also keep guests hydrated.

Be safe & think of yourself and your wedding guests!

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