September 19, 2009

Unique Unity Ceremony

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Today's brides are becoming very creative when planning their wedding ceremony. Its great as a wedding planner to work with clients that want to make their wedding day truly their own by capturing your unique personality!

Your unity ceremony can be a way for you to make your ceremony your own!

Recently one of my brides added a twist to the Unity Wine Ceremony. The most common unity wine ceremony consist of the bride and groom will each take a carafe/decanter and pour it into a single wine glass & each drink from that same glass. Most common that wine from their unity wine ceremony is brought to the reception for the happy couple to drink throughout the evening.

Chelsea & Jordan's unique twist to the unity wine ceremony consisted of having a custom wooden wine box designed with their custom wedding monogram {which was simply adorable}. During the ceremony they actually nailed the box closed and will reopen it after 25 years of marriage. The contents of their wine box consisted of 2 bottles of wine, 2 wine glasses & also personal notes to each other that will be read after 25 years of marriage!

If you want to have a similar ceremony for your wedding, its also important to consider a few things when selecting your wine.

  • Select wines that will age well & hold up its acidity for several years.
  • Its best to keep wines in a dry & constantly cooled with little to no movement/vibration.
  • Custom wine glasses are great for the box to have a keepsake on your 25th wedding anniversary.
  • If you are not familiar with wine, there are many wine shoppes that would very helpful in selecting just the perfect wines. For this particular ceremony the amazing gentleman at The Wine Shoppe of Green Hills in Nashville were wonderful in passing along their aging wine expertise.

As always make your wedding day your own by incorporating ideas that capture your personality as a couple!d

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Rhonda Hendricks said...

That is so neat! Love it!