September 29, 2009

Wedding Origami


Origami has become very popular in weddings over the past few years. Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding.

The origami peace crane {pictured above} is a symbol of love, patience, understanding & loyalty. Which also are the traits of marriage. The origami peace cranes also symbolize peace, long life, prosperity and good luck! Who would not want to start their marriage out with all that rich symbolism? Brides can incorporate the origami peace crane into the rehearsal dinner decor and/or wedding reception decor if you had a zen themed event.


Cootie catchers or fortune tellers as they were called back in my school days are a neat way to get your wedding guest chatting at your wedding reception! How? These retro goodies can serve as a wedding reception "table talker" that sparks great fun!


Simply have them printed in a custom font, with the bride and grooms name, wedding date and even the table number. Inside the "Cootie Catcher" have interesting facts and tidbits about you & your groom! Your guest will have a blast trying to figure out who the fact or tidbit is about! Sure to break the ice & create a fun atmosphere!!

Image credit: Etsy

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