September 25, 2009

Don't be tardy for the party!

For my readers that follow me on Twitter its no secret that I am a fan of The Real Housewives of Atlanta even in all its uncouth glory. There is something about the show that makes me tune in each week & watch/tweet with all my twitter peeps. Its really a blast every Thursday night!

After one of the 1st seasons episodes I've had this blog post just sitting in my "blog hopper" just waiting to hit to launch button.

Brides & wedding professionals as you are meeting with our respected vendors & clients its very important to arrive at all meetings at least 5 minutes before the scheduled meeting...I honestly believe 15 minutes to allow for setup if needed.

I understand that traffic woes happen, I mean its happened to me a few times, but brides be mindful of your vendors time when arriving late for scheduled appointments & vendors be mindful of your clients time because it could all have a snowball effect if there are additional meetings planned afterwards.

This makes me think of the movie Lean on Me with Principal Joe Clark when he stressed to the students, "When your on time your late & when your late your on time" its funny to hear it come from the actor Morgan Freeman who played the principal but its a very true statement.

Its proper etiquette to call your event professional or client at least 10 minutes prior to your meeting alerting them that you are running a tad bit behind. Its however unacceptable to phone 10 minute after your scheduled meeting time to say that you are going to be late. It really all goes back to common courtesy and respect with working with clients and event professionals.

So I leave you with something a little jam session courtesy of Kim of The Real Housewives of Atlanta! Be sure to think of this song when you are headed out to your next consultation!!

Enjoy & have a great weekend!!

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