September 22, 2009

Children at your wedding? Consider a Nanny Service

Are you pondering having children at your wedding & reception but cringing at the cost that may add up in providing them with a kid friendly menu? Why not consider a reputable nanny service in your city! I recently had the opportunity to work with Nannies of Green Hills and can not say enough great things about their communication prior to the wedding as well as throughout the event.

Some key things to consider when thinking of adding the expense of a reputable nanny service would be but not limited too:
  • Agency Fees
  • Nanny fees which typical range from $10-$12 per hour for a minimum of 4 hours
  • Are they an accredited & certified Nanny Service
  • Screening process for their nannies.
  • Do they have a consistent reputation of professionalism & integrity
  • American Red Cross certification
  • Service area within your city

After you have made the decision to hire a qualified nanny agency its important to also consider how you will communicate with your guest about this extra special service that will be provided for your weddings special little guest:
  • Your wedding website
  • Invitation suite with an card that describes the service & proper drop off times, etc.
  • The day of your event, have proper signs to ensure your wedding guest are aware of the drop off location for the Nanny service. This is something that you as a bride can design as a DIY project yourself, or partnering with your wedding coordinator to add that additional design service within your contract.
  • Ensure your wedding guest are aware of the pick up policy at the end of the event. If their child is picked up at the end of the event they should be leaving your wedding & not returning to reception out of courtesy for your request to not have children at the actual reception!
  • If you are aware that a few guest may challenge the nanny service its best to have conversations with those guest one - on - one prior to the day of your wedding. This creates a better environment for all parties involved & the check in process flows very nice!

Its a great idea to have games, kid friendly food & movies to keep your special little guest entertained, such as:
  • Board games & coloring books with crayons are always a hit with children!
  • Kid friendly foods, like chicken fingers or nuggets, hot dogs, chips, cookies, goldfish & other snacks makes for very happy children!
  • TV & DVD player or portable DVD player. Movies can be rented for any Red Box for only $1 and returned the next evening by 9pm! {Cost Effective}
  • Also if time permits within the evening, the bride & groom can stop by the designated kids area to thank them for coming to the wedding! Its makes even your smallest guest feel extra special!

Nashville brides you have an advantage of having The Nannies of Green Hills, LLC located in our city! Andrea Tilley is a true business woman & has the highest expectations for the nannies provided by her agency. I am very pleased with the communication leading up to the event, during & after events.

For additional information on The Nannies of Green Hills, LLC be sure to visit their website or contact the agency directly!

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