September 30, 2009

Black & White - Mid-Week Wedding Inspiration

Planning weddings can be a daunting & overwhelming task especially when you want to incorporate your personal style & personality to your wedding day! Brides and their wedding planners can & should get lots of design inspiration from home decor magazines. There is nothing worse or more boring than seeing wedding designs repeated over & over again only changing out the color palette.

Chic & contemporary wedding styles can look to home decor magazines like Metropolitan Home which is one of my personal faves for those little pops of detail that will be wow factors for your wedding guest.

As you are pinpointing your specific wedding style, pay close attention to colors and patterns that really make your heart sing. Whether its damask print, polka dots, or bold lines and patterns don't limit yourself or your creativity while in the wedding planning process.

Today's inspiration showcases the ever so classic colors of black and white mixed with pops of blue that create a wow factor! What will be your "wow factor" for your wedding or reception? I'd love to hear about it!!


We Love Paris For sweetie amandarocks

wedding galore :)

Rock N Roll Wedding

Image Source: Metropolitan Home & Polyvore


Amanda B. Young said...

LOVE IT. Especially that first black and white board. Very wow.

GrayPhotography - Zach & Jody said...

oooh! Lovin' the black and white! And by the way, this block kicks booty! Love the newer look!!! - JG