August 6, 2009

Vendor Spotlight - Nashville Event Lighting

If you are a Nashville Bride its no secret that Nashville Event Lighting is the go to event lighting company to make your wedding shine. Event lighting creates ambiance as well as give your wedding guest a unique experience with the help of lanterns, custom lighted gobos, up lighting and so much more.
If you are a bride with a unique & custom lighting vision in mind, look no further than Nashville Event Lighting & their wonderful team to make it happen. Blake & Tom truly are "Lighting Rockstars".
1. Company Name: Nashville Event Lighting

2. Years in Event Lighting: Roughly 4 years

3. What inspired you to start an event lighting company? I was looking for a creative outlet, for something that challenged me and that had unlimited potential. I have been involved with lighting and sound for years as a musician and DJ, so it was kind of a natural progression. I just decided to focus on the aspect of only lighting and trying to be the best at one thing.

4. What lighting trends are hot for 2009? LED lights and the color changing stuff we are doing have been popular. Making the room one color for the cocktail hour and then fading to a whole new color for dinner/dancing. We've got some new Willow lanterns in stock that have been real popular for people looking to do something different than the popular paper lanterns.
5. What lighting trend would you like to see "Go Away" {LOL}? Ha! Well, just when you see people hanging their own cheap looking Christmas lights, maybe that's the one thing that ought to go away! Sometimes lighting is the last thing people think about and we've had clients that overspend on dresses, flowers, stationary, etc and don't have anything left for decor. I suppose that's the exception, and not the rule. Most of our clients know how important lighting is.....and, that their guests are going to spend a majority of their time at the reception where you really want to make an impression with the event you're throwing! You gotta have lighting! Get a professional that's insured, too.
6. When consulting with a potential client do you encourage them to bring inspirational photos to the consultation? Absolutely, we aren't a one-size-fits all business....we have to know our clients and their tastes and having some pictures of things they like and don't like just speeds up our design process.

7. Outside of event lighting what are some other things that you love to do? Play golf and basketball. I love music, of course....yes, I like "everything", too

8. Can't go a day without? I either need Coffee or my phone to make it thru a day.

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