August 4, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I try to be pretty open and transparent, if you follow me on twitter you know this! Recently Katasha of KSherrie + Company Planning Atelier posted a "25 random things about me" although she did not tag anyone for the blog post, I thought it would be fun to share some random tidbits about me with my blog readers!
  1. I am originally from Kentucky & have always been interested in the fashion & beauty industry.
  2. Only child for 10 years & some people labeled me as spoiled but I really beg to differ.
  3. I am a very loyal person.
  4. Played softball while growing up but was really a girly girl.
  5. I am an Alumni of Western Kentucky University & I loved my college experience and how I grew as a woman! Go Hilltoppers!
  6. I like being 10 & 15 years apart from my siblings because I can teach them from my learning experiences.
  7. I am a true lover of handbags of all shapes & sizes.
  8. I believe great accessories can make even the simpliest outfit POP!
  9. I had foot surgery at the beginning of 2009 & its killing me that I can't wear my favorite sandals this summer. {Still a little swollen}
  10. I watch the Young & the Restless faithfully! Wanna know whats going on in GC just ask!
  11. I observe people & their mannerisms they tell you alot.
  12. Bonafide neat freak & organization fanatic.
  13. I still color from time to time. Yes, color as in Coloring books & crayons. Its really a stress reliever...Try it!
  14. My clothes closet {Jeans & T-shirts} & linen closets folded items are folded & colorized like a retail store. {Years of retail & being a Women's merchant for Gap Inc}
  15. I am not a fan of matchy matchy furniture. Bring your personality into your living space!
  16. I enjoy networking & meeting new people but I am really a shy & quiet person.
  17. Love to read & I really want a Kindle! I am running out of book shelf space.
  18. I love to see a man in a great custom fitted suit, however I also love a guy that can rock a baseball cap pulled down really low! {2 thumbs up!}
  19. Still talk to many of my childhood friends & its soo cool to see our growth!
  20. My college nickname with the football players in my old dorm {Coed Dorm} was "LT" too this day I am still puzzled as to how they came up with that nickname.
  21. My memory is very sharp!
  22. I learned to drive a forklift & back in a 18 wheeler truck during my career in retail! {As a manager you should learn your teams positions..builds morale!}
  23. Did not desire to have children until later in my adult life, now I am looking forward to being a Haute Mama!!
  24. Love reading celeb gossip magazines, its my guilty pleasure.
  25. Very crafty, love a good project

So did you learn something? Any surprises?


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