July 6, 2009

Its like a heat wave!

Summer is officially here and if you are a southern bride planning an outdoor wedding, I am sure you are also planning for ways to keep your wedding guest cool during your ceremony. Bamboo fans are a great way to keep your guest cool and they can also serve as your wedding favors. These fans can you purchased in an array of colors or the all natural bamboo color. Opulent Favors offers a variety of fan colors & also personalized tags that can be attached to your custom keepsake that you guest will just swoon over! Fans can be passed out to each guest as they enter your ceremony site, or placed in each seat for your outdoor ceremony. Personalized Fan Paper Parasols are another option to help you guest beat the heat. There are many company's that offer them in various colors. Parasols, can also serve as favors, or can be returned at the end of your ceremony.

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Lisa Michelle said...

Great Post! I love it!