June 16, 2009

Weekly Reader - Reclaim Your Dreams

Its been quite a while since I've shared a Weekly Reader book....Trust, I am not slacking I have just been focused on reading business related books! However the book that I am sharing today can be coupled as both leisure reading but also helpful if you are in business.

Reclaim Your Dreams by Jonathan Mead is a book that came highly recommended to me by Lara Casey of Bliss Event Group & Southern Weddings Magazine.

This book is beneficial to anyone that dreams big! Everyone right? Reclaim your Dreams helps you to define the dreams that you have, big or small. Guides you in creating room for your dreams to grow. Most importantly helps you learn how to make your dreams a reality!

We all of have something that we dream about, so I challenge you to read this amazing book and work toward making all your dreams & visions a reality!!

Happy reading & Thanks Lara for the recommendation!!

Photo credit: Lara's Iphone, LOL...
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