June 29, 2009

Shoe Envy...

If you are a bride you have given some thought to what fabulous shoe you will wear on your wedding day. Photographers are so creative in how they are capturing shoe images & I love it! Whether your bridal style is modern, classic or vintage you can create a lasting impression on your guest & add a sassy vibe of your wedding day with your shoe selection! This is your time to experiment with color, design & embellishments for extra sass!
When selecting your bridal gown and/or reception gown remember to bring a fabulous shoe of the same heel height along for your dress fittings to ensure all measurements are accurate with your tailor/seamstress.

This is critical for the right measurement for the hem of your dress especially at your final fitting its always great to bring your actually wedding shoe.


Happy shoe shopping...its always great to have your maids' tag along to get an extra thumbs up on your fab shoe selection!!


Shannon Bates said...

I NEED the blue pair...I have the PERFECT outfit...shoe envy!!!!!!

Her Bridal Favors said...

The black one is fabulous looking!