June 1, 2009

The Foundation of Great Fitting Bridal Attire

Growing up my mother always reminded me of the importance of wearing great "foundations" as she would call them!  A woman's under garments can either make or break even those most expensive suit or even the most couture bridal gown.

In accompanying brides with their dress shopping, I immediately revert back into my former retail mode of, "Stylize, Colorize, Size"  this holds true to many avenues even with shopping for the perfect fit when selecting bridal gowns & bridesmaid dresses!

Of course you want to select the right "style" for your body type, of course you want to select the right "color" palette to compliment your wedding color palette.  Most importantly its perfectly fine to get a slightly larger "size" dress for yourself or your maids.  In selecting the correct sizing & having a tailor or seamstress custom fit it for your body is almost like having the gown custom made for your body!  Selecting just the perfect under garments under your bridal dresses will also make all the difference in the overall appearance of your dress!

I was contacted by Denise Skelton {Manager of Web Merchandising & Publicity}, for  Bare Necessities who just happened to run across my blog via Google Alerts {Thanks Google!!} we chatted via email at the end of 2008 & I knew that I had to feature some of their haute bridal foundations for by blog readers.  

About Bare Necessities: {from their website}

Named as one of the 10 fastest growing inner city companies in America by the ICIC and Inc. Magazine - BareNecessities.com is the premiere online retailer of women’s brand name intimate apparel and men’s designer underwear. With 10 years of experience satisfying the intimate apparel needs of women of all shapes and sizes, BareNecessities.com provides the care and knowledge of your favorite local bra store combined with an amazing selection that far exceeds that of a department store – all from the comfort of your own home.

Average figure, plus size or petite – BareNecessities.com has the bra to suit your needs and your body. Our incomparable selection of bras range from size 30AA to 54H – a true range of sizes and styles to fit the full range of real women’s bodies.

BareNecessities.com is a consummate fave of both our loyal customers and the press as well – they've been featured in InStyleLuckyShop Etc. and many other publications.

Their bridal boutique has something for every aspect of your wedding day, the bridal shower, the wedding day & the honeymoon!

Top Bridal Sellers

For more amazing bridal foundations, head over to the Bare Necessities Bridal Boutique!!  Thanks Denise for allowing me to share your great company with my readers!!

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