May 29, 2009

Wedding Registry Questions

The time has come,  you've gotten engaged, taken your engagement photos, wedding planning is going fabulous...and now its time to complete your wedding registry!!  For many couples this is a exciting time to select things to build your new home!  I want to equip you with questions that you can ask your Registry Consultant at the retailers you select for your gift registry.  Many of the questions come from my 13+ years in Executive Retail Management & others have been through research and accompanying clients on their registry shopping!

Rule of thumb, you should not register any earlier than 6-8 weeks before your wedding or the start of your bridal showers.  This helps in controlling the items that may go clearance before your wedding.

  • How does the store keep track of items that have been purchased?
  • How often are the registry's updated in their system?
  • What is the return policy? **Very Important**
  • Do you have a limit to the number of returns without receipts?
  • Can you return duplicate gifts or anything that you just decide you rather not have?
  • Is there a time limit after your wedding?
  • Can you have multiple gift registry's?
  • Is there a limit on the number of items you can have on your registry?
  • If there is no gift receipt presented with your wedding gift, is the item returnable?
  • How often can the registry be updated?
  • Do you send out alerts or emails when items have gone clearance?
  • Is your registry available online?
  • Can you guest  purchase items online & how will your registry be updated?
  • Can items be shipped to your personal address?  Is there an additional shipping cost?
  • Do you provide registry cards to inform wedding guest that you are registered at their retail store?
  • How long is the gift registry active after the wedding date? **Very important**

Remember to have fun, but also register for the things you want & really need!!

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