May 21, 2009

Formal Place Settings

If you are not the Martha Stewart type & have never worked in the restaurant industry...then this post is for you!  Formal place settings look amazing when your guest first enter your reception site, such a look of class & distinction.  However if you are not familiar which fork to use first or whose bread plate belongs to which guest, this can cause a little inner anxiety!

I reached out to a great food industry pro & he shared a hidden secret to remembering the art of a perfect place setting!  Its super simple.....BMW!!  If anything you will rememeber it just because its also a ultra fabulous car!  
  • B - Bread on the left
  • M - Meal in the center
  • W - Water & wine on the right
Super simple right!  Ok, well what about all those utensils?  Remember to work your way in from the outside.  Your salad fork and knife will be outermost at your place setting; work your way toward the plate for each successive course. Dessert utensils are situated above the plate.

If you are throwing a uber classy reception or event, you may consider taking an etiquette class with your wedding party.  This is something that could be a gift for your attendants! In the Nashville area, there is The Etiquette School of Tennesee & they offer a variety of classes, which could turn into a very fun outing & bonding time for your wedding party.  

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