April 8, 2009

Check out Brocade Design Arts - Nashville

I had the pleasure of attending the uber chic open house of Brocade Design Arts brand new studio, located in the Arcade in downtown Nashville!

I know that today was suppose to be a "Wordless Wednesday" but I just could not help but send out a quick shout out on such a successful event! Also please disregard the chick in the yellow shirt sending a Tweet! {I was simply trying to get the word out!}

Check of the Brocade Design Arts Blog for all the fabulous details!!!

Nashville Brides, the space is amazing & having done a design consult in the new space, its really cool to be able to pull fresh stems to build the look that you want to achieve for your wedding day!!

Congrats Hillary!!!!

1 comment:

hillary robson said...

Thanks so much Latrice-- you're part of the reason the event was so awesome!! :)