March 17, 2009

Vendor Spotlight - Wedding Cake Design

Years in business? 6 in the Nashville area

What is your cake design process?

Designing a cake with a bride is always exciting for me, each one is so unique. Since the possabilties for cake designs are endless, I encourage each bride to review my site as well as search the internet for pictures and ideas they might like. Color swatches are also encouraged to ensure a exact match. Once a few ideas are pulled together, her personal cake begins to emerge. Size, servings and flavors are a few of the details we will consider before deciding on a final cake design.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

I love to see the interaction of the bride and groom while we eat and discuss cake. Designing a cake from thier combined ideas is always very special.

Cake Trends for 2009? The year 2009 has brought along a new trend, that of hexagonal or square-shaped tier cake. Also, 2009 is going to be dominated by shades of blue, like turquoise, along with greens, such as aquamarine. And I must not forget to mention, the chic 'black and white' style in wedding cakes has managed to maintain its position amongst the top trends in 2009 as well.

What specific information do you obtain from brides during a consultation?

Date, time, location and a contact for the day are of course very important details. We review all information carefully to ensure the bride and grooms expectations are met.
Describe your perfect day?
Perfect days for me include singing with the radio while baking cake!

Can't go one day without?

A kiss good morning from my husband and 3 bites of chocolate cake!

Its no secret we are in a "recession" how do you work with the "Recessionista Bride & Groom" and still create your fabulous cake?

Since we charge by serving and not design, the couple has alot more room to work thier ideal cake into thier budget. We are moderately priced, with cakes starting at $4.00/serving. Also, we are currently offering 10% off any cake order placed by March 14th.


Chatterberries said...

Thanks for sharing this cute and great wedding cake designs!

TJLoop85 said...

These are some very creative wedding cake designs. I would have to say I like them both equally as well as the other.

Thanks for sharing these images with us. It gives me some helpful ideas.


Shamima Sultana said...

what a wonderful designed cake..all the cakes is looking very yummy