March 30, 2009

Gift of Gratitude - Pay it Forward

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Tara of Lavish Events on Saturday & had a fabulous time just chatting with another planner! Its always great to connect with other planners but also just wedding professionals in general because we tend to share a common bond!

I left so refreshed and ready to accomplish all the things on my to do list & work toward the items on my vision board that I have for Bridal Opulence for 2009! Not to mention my chocolate craving was totally satisified with the delish assortment from Schakolad Chocolate Factory in Cool Springs. I would be in big trouble if I owned a chocolate store!!

Tara of Lavish Events blog post from today, highlighted points of our chat. She had a wonderful idea of Paying it Forward with other Nashville professionals. We really have to focus on working together as a community and not so much apart! I really think that with the talent that is in the city, if we pooled our resources together we could create a powerful network!! We all share different strengths & weaknesses & my strength or your strength in turn could help out a fellow colleague, ya know?

So in an effort to Pay it forward I would like to extend my services/time to assist Hillary of Brocade Designs, Bekah {aka Bex of The Studio 5} , Tara of Lavish Events & Shannon at Chefs Market. I will be in contact with you all to see what you need an extra hand in at this point during wedding season. All that Tara ask is that you Pay it forward to another Nashville wedding professional & email her when you do pay it forward!!! What a way to show gratitude and support!!!

Please read more about this great effort in Tara's blog post!!!

Pay it Forward!!

Thank you Tara for a great idea & my wheels are also turning....!!!


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Tara said...

Thanks Latrice - you are awesome! :-) I know exactly what I need and his name is SEO. LOL! Talk soon!