February 9, 2009

Weekly Reader ----- Lies at the Altar

Lies at the Altar - The Truth About Great Marriages by Dr. Robin Smith is a must read for singles, engaged couples, thinking of getting engaged & married couples.

Dr. Robin hits the ball out of the park in addressing the unspoken needs, unasked questions, outrageous expectations & the sometimes hidden agenda's that lurk under the surface of those covenant wedding vows.

Top Lies & Top Truth Highlightables:

Lie: Marriage is an automatic ticket to self-esteem
Truth: You have to be whole before you can be joined.

Lie: You have to go along to get along.
Truth: In a great marriage, you can ask for what you need without fear of reprisals.

Lie: Marriage magically changes people for the better.
Truth: The person at the altar will be the person at the breakfast or dinner table.

Lie: Anything is better than being alone.
Truth: Being alone & free is better than being together & controlled.

This is definitely a must read!!
Dr. Robin is a licensed psychologist & has frequently appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show!

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Anonymous said...

This is great book and absolutely a must read for those planning to get married!