February 2, 2009

Weekly Reader ----- "Get Yours" & Another great Freebie!

I must admit, I started reading this book several months ago, but I laid it down to read something else. However, once I picked it back up I could not put it down. Loved this book for focusing on looking at the inner "You" and giving practical advice for being happy with life!

In the 12 chapters Amy shares career pearls of wisdom, great self quizzes, and action plans to "Get Yours" & find your passion, purpose to living a fulfilling life!!

A few of my highlightables in the book:
  • "Life is what you make it and no one can live it for you"
  • "Confronting your fears proves you're living your life to its fullest potential"
  • "If we don't treat ourselves well, who will?"
  • "Prioritize your relationships with who gives as much as they receive"
  • "Be happy and success will come."
  • "Its incredibly important for women to be independent and to have our own assets."
  • "Comfort and confidence is pure allure--it's what being sexy really means."
  • "Every woman can find power and peace in doing or making something beautiful."
  • "True happiness comes when you enhance a strength and feel fulfilled as a result."

I am very much into women being happy from the inside out & surrounding yourself with like minded girlfriends that won't just "withdraw" from you, but also give healthly "deposits"!!

If you are interested in "Getting Yours" I will be giving away a copy of this great book!!! I love a great freebie! Leave us a comment on the best advice that you have received from one of your girlfriends!!

A winner will be selected at random on Monday February 9, 2009!!!

Happy reading.....Can't wait to hear some great advice!


Scarlett Lillian said...

What a fun book! The best advice I've received from one of my "girlfriends" would have to be from my best girlfriend, my momma. Her motto in life has always been "Whatever the question, love is the answer."

ohthatssocute said...

Hold on to your power.

A. Latrice said...

LOL, that was the best advice I received at the end of 2008!! It brought so much full circle!

AshleysBrideGuide.com said...

Put life's oxygen mask on yourself first and then help others. Because, you cant give what you don't have. That includes love, money, time, info, wisdom.