February 3, 2009

Vendor Spotlight ----Scarlett Lillian

I had the honor of meeting & hanging with Scarlett Lillian at the Southern Weddings Magazine Launch party! I am a total fan of her work because its crisp, sexy and her impeccable eye for details. We have chatted several times since then and I was super excited when she mentioned that she loved Music City & would love to shoot more Nashville Brides!!

Nashville Brides, I would like to introduce the photography of none other than the Fabulous Scarlett Lillian!!

What inspired you to start your photography business?

I grew up with a love of photography and documenting life in the elaborate scrapbooks I used to create, which led me to study magazine journalism in college. But I never really pursued photography as a career because I always saw it as a starving artist job. After college, I entered the phase where my girlfriends getting married already had photographers, but not a videographer, so for the fun of it and because I'm a romantic at heart, I filmed a few of their weddings. But after doing video for a year, I realized, photography is where more my heart has always been and I felt God leading me to pursue that instead. So I took the leap of faith and switched from video to photography, and now I feel so blessed to wake up each morning to the job of my dreams!

What is your favorite moment during a bridal or wedding shoot? I'm obsessed with fashion photography, and love giving my brides permission to be a supermodel on their wedding day! My favorite part of the day is right after the bride gets in her dress and I can pull her away from all the stress swirling around her to simply give her a moment of being beautiful and working it for my camera! I also love the time with a bride and groom to document that excitement they share about getting married. Every couple has such a unique love language and I love the challenge as a photographer to discover that and capture it for them!

Where do you find your inspiration? For photography, I read more fashion magazines than I do bridal ones. I love bringing a fashion flair in my wedding photography. Otherwise personally, God is my greatest inspiration and I feel so honored that He uses me to serve in the lives of my couple and create this gift for them of their happiest day!

Name 1 thing that you use daily that you can't live without? My iPhone. I'm obsessed!

What qualities should a couple look for in hiring a wedding photographer? It's so important to connect with a photographer's particular style. Look at their recent weddings on their blog and ask yourself if it moves your heart artistically. Wedding photos truly are the art we are creating for each couple! It's also so important for a bride to connect with a photographer's personality since we are the one vendor who will be with her every step of her wedding day. For this reason, I put a lot of myself and my personality on my blog because I want brides to know who I am as the artist behind the camera as well! By the time the wedding day arrives, we feel like old friends! Also, remember, you don't have to hire a photographer in your area, a lot of brides these days are flying in a photographer from somewhere else to use their favorite rock star photographer that they have been blog stalking while they were patiently waiting for the ring! :-)

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Enjoy & looking forward to connecting on some fabulous Nashville Weddings!!


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LOVE her work. It really pops! I love hearing about how different vendors got started! She's fabulous!