February 20, 2009

Custom Giftcards

Can't decide what to give your bridal party for their attendant gifts?  Why not a personalized Visa Giftcard?  Gift Card Lab is one of my favorite sites, for giving last minute gifts with a personalized touch.  GCL allows you to select Visa Giftcards & put your own personal twist by uploading personal pictures.
What fun would it be to upload pictures from a girls night out, your bachelorette party or your wedding and give your Maids a extra special Visa giftcard that she will never forget!!
The charge for the personalized card is a flat rate of $5.95 + the amount you add to the card!
This is one giftcard they will never throw away!

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Erika Gregory said...
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Erika Gregory said...

What an awesome idea!

2Duce2 Videography said...

Great Idea!!