February 28, 2009

Beauty Confession

For those that know me & many of my brides, they soon figure out that I have a vice for the soap opera the Young & the Restless but most importantly all types of accessories. Its so bad I must confess, I am a sucker for a nice necklace and handbag.

Well I took a personal financial challenge at the beginning of the year and joined a female financial group that I will call the "Girl, Get Your Money Straight" group. We discuss finances, budgeting, stocks, investing etc. I've been doing really really good but do you ever just get the itch to buy a handbag? Ummm yeah, that is where I am right now! I am doing lots of "Online Window Shopping" and I have had so many things in my virtual shopping cart but *sigh* I closed out the browser and walked away.

Here are a few things that were in my cart today. I ♥ Bodhi handbags My fave is the black clutch with the safety pin handle!!!!


JenCreed said...

Girl, I am getting to be a pro at the put it in the online shopping cart and stare at it for a few hours then delete it routine haha. Totally know what you mean.

Latrice of Bridal Opulence said...

Its actually really neat, and I am getting a kick out of it! I still need to kick the magazine habit....its too bad!