January 5, 2009

Where there's a will there's a Etsy

I am so torn at times with personalized gifts and where to purchase them....I mean I offer favors & gifts through OpulentFAVORS.com so that is my "go too spot" of favors! However, what's a girl to do when I don't have what I need in a short amount of time........

Dummm, Daaaa, Dummmmm.....{bells & whistles going off} I go to Etsy.com! I am working with one of my girlfriends, Jasmine on throwing a Diaper & Wipes Themed Shower for our friend Mary who is expecting her 1st baby girl! We decided on the theme simply because she had already been given so many other showers, and as a new Mommy, what other thing will you always need for a new baby.......Diapers & Wipes!

OpulentFAVORS.com will provide the baby shower candy jars, however with the holiday season, many of our distributors have taken a much needed "vacay". I always keep a set of at least 50 candy jars on hand for special events that may arise but I needed a custom label. I turned to Etsy, which is one of my favorite sites for all things custom, I messaged a new seller, MAUpromos who has come through "in the clutch" with a excellent 2" label design for our personalized favors!! {Cheers} Thanks Maupromos, they are officially on my favorites list for Etsy Sellers!

Here is the concept of the shower & favor theme.....

Diaper Shaped Invite: Themed Candy Jars Custom label from Etsy

Alternative label for a baby boy!

Mary is having a baby girl named Myla!!!!

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letrice@Le'Penn Designs said...

I loved themed parties, showers, weddings, everything! This is so Ka-Yute! You just have to post pictures of the shower!